How to Shuck an Oyster

One of the things we get asked most is how to open a raw oyster. Here’s a video with solid fundamentals. Better yet, come on out to our shop and we’ll teach you!

Shucking an Oyster

    1. On a flat, firm surface, place the flat side of the oyster facing up, with the hinged end pointing towards your dominant hand. Cover either the oyster with a towel or your hand with a sturdy glove for protection.
    2. Insert an oyster knife into the hinge and apply pressure until the hinge begins to fail. Try twisting side to side (not up and down) while applying pressure to pop the hinge.
    3. Slide the knife into the oyster and drag the blade across the underside of the top (flat side) shell to sever the adductor muscle.
    4. Discard the top shell.
    5. Slide the knife under the body of the oyster to sever the other side of the adductor muscle.