About the Oysters

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Miyagi Oysters


The shell of this oyster is elongated and rough, with an intricate display of irregular folds. The meat has a mild nutty flavor while still retaining the brininess of the bay. These oysters are sold in a variety of sizes, perfect for serving raw or cooked on any occasion.

Kumamoto Oysters


Typically smaller than other oysters, about one to two inches in diameter, Kumamotos are round in shape with a deep cup and slightly scalloped shells. They have a sweet, buttery flavor. Given their size, they are an especially tasty half-shell treat.

Manila Clams

The shells are banded with colorful patterns that make for an attractive presentation. The meat is very sweet and tender, delicious steamed or raw.

Bodega Gallo Mussels


We harvest from the local mussel population, which reproduce naturally in the bay and are quite different from the California Sea Mussel that grows widely along the coast. The body is sweetly flavored, with blond or orange meats.

Sizing Guide

Sziecharts of various oysters and clams.